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.Nibriti Clinic (ललितपुर महानगरपालिका-१६,ललितपुर,३) - Phone - Address

.Nibriti Clinic is a company, located in ललितपुर महानगरपालिका-१६,ललितपुर,३, you can browse .Nibriti Clinic phone, address, contact person, products and services, website, and etc for free. .Nibriti Clinic business info all on

Company Information

Company Name: .Nibriti Clinic
Business Name: निवृत्ति क्लिनिक
Registration Code: 197396
Date of Establishment: 2075-5-14
Address: ललितपुर महानगरपालिका-१६,ललितपुर,३


Company Type Two: प्राइभेट >> बहुल>>सम्पुर्ण नेपाली स्वामित्व(प्राइभेट)
Update Time: 2021-04-09